These websites vary in their focus, from harm reduction and education to providing a platform for sharing experiences and information related to psychoactive substances. It's important to approach these resources with a critical and responsible mindset, prioritizing safety and well-being when considering any drug-related information or experiences.

  1. Erowid Vault - Erowid is a comprehensive online resource that provides information about psychoactive substances, including their effects, risks, and experiences. It offers a vast collection of user-submitted reports and scientific data.
  2. TripSit Combination Chart - TripSit is a harm reduction community that focuses on providing information about drug combinations and their potential risks. The Combination Chart is a tool that helps users understand the safety of combining different substances.
  3. TripSit Factsheets - TripSit offers detailed factsheets on a wide range of drugs. These factsheets contain information about dosage, effects, duration, and potential risks associated with various substances.
  4. WEDINOS - WEDINOS is a drug testing and harm reduction service based in the UK. It allows users to submit samples of substances for testing and provides public access to the results to promote safer drug use.
  5. Pill Reports - Pill Reports is a platform where individuals can submit and access information about ecstasy and other pill-like substances. It includes user-submitted reports on the appearance, effects, and test results of pills.
  6. Ecstasy Data -Ecstasy Data is a database that focuses on providing information about ecstasy pills, including their chemical composition and associated risks. It aims to promote informed decisions about drug use.
  7. Volteface - Volteface is a UK-based organization that conducts research and advocacy related to drug policy and harm reduction. It seeks to drive positive changes in drug laws and practices.
  8. Psychonautwiki - Psychonautwiki is an online community-driven encyclopedia that compiles information on various psychoactive substances. It covers topics such as effects, dosages, and harm reduction.
  9. Fireside Project - Fireside Project is a non-profit organization that provides support and resources for individuals who are experiencing difficult or challenging psychedelic experiences. They offer a free peer support hotline and educational materials.
  10. The Loop - The Loop is a UK-based harm reduction organization dedicated to promoting safer drug use practices, particularly in the context of music festivals and events. The organization operates with the primary goal of reducing drug-related harm and increasing awareness about the risks associated with drug use
  11. Drug User Bible - The Drug Users Bible [Extended Edition] presents the hidden truth about a topic which touches the lives of almost everyone. Cutting through the noise and misinformation of the war on drugs, it documents the facts about the individual drugs and the subject in general.